• March 1, 2018 - Medical office cleaning Atlanta. Cleanstar National begins medical cleaning and terminal cleaning for NW ENT at multiple locations in Atlanta. Cleanstar National is the leader in Atlanta for medical office cleaning!

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to Cleanstar International, the ultimate solution for all of your commercial cleaning and janitorial requirements. We have been operating for over twenty years and have continued to grow steadily year over year. We were founded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship by our CEO Jacob Amedee, who still leads our organization today. Under his leadership, eye for detail, and customer-first philosophy, our company has grown from a one-man operation to an industry leader. We now employee over 350 people and operate in over 200 different locations throughout Metro Atlanta. At Cleanstar National, commercial cleaning and customer service are our passion. We ensure that we employ the right people for the job. All of our associates are as dedicated to customer service and high standards as our founder and CEO. Our business model is built on happy and satisfied clients, and customer recommendations continue to be the engine for growth behind our success.

Professional Cleaning Services

While commercial cleaning and janitorial services are the passion that drives our business, we understand that many of our clients require the full use of their facilities during business operating hours. That is why we provide service 24/7 which enables our client to specify the days and times that they want our staff for commercial cleaning and janitorial services. We provide a comprehensive menu of cleaning options including but not limited to floor and carpet maintenance, janitorial services, marble floor polishing, and industrial cleaning. We are 100 percent confident that we have the capability and knowledge to resolve any and all of your cleaning problems in a manner that will exceed all of your expectations. We understand that we are providing a service, that should benefit and solve problems for your company, which is why we have a dedicated team of supervisors, who are also flexible and available 24/7 to deal with any problems that arise. They have the expertise and the authority to make decisions and solve problems on the spot, in essence removing the entire aspect of cleaning management from your staff. When you employ our company you don’t get problems, you get solutions. We currently service educational and medical facilities, industrial facilities and condominiums. All of our employees are E-verified so that you can have every bit of confidence in the quality and reliability of our staff. We have built an excellent reputation for reliability and quality in all facets of our business, and we are constantly striving to improve our services further by utilizing new products and techniques. Our staff are sent on courses regularly to keep them abreast of the latest advances and regulations in regards to cleaning and new products. We are a forward looking and innovative company that is constantly evolving to better meet the needs and demands of the market. We service a variety of environments including: educational and child­care facilities, office buildings, condominiums, and industrial facilities.

Our Commitment to Our Employees and Customers

When you hire Cleanstar, you get significantly more than a cleaning company. You get a commitment to excellence. We feel first and foremost that we are only as good as our front-line staff. That is why we go through a stringent process to only hire and employ the best in the industry. Every member of our staff has been thoroughly vetted, and E-verified. They are all insured and bonded before being allowed to undertake any work or training. A key tenet of our customer service guarantee is taking care of our own people. Consequently, our staff members are trained in both commercial cleaning as well health and safety procedures. They are supplied with the best equipment, and all members of our staff our treated as valued team members in our mission to provide superior service to our clients. We are confident that our staff feel valued and empowered, this is validated by our low staff turnover rate, especially compared to industry standards. This is important both for us as a company, and for you as our client, as it enables sustainable and professional relationships to develop, safe in the knowledge that the staff are not liable to change every other week. In the unlikely scenario where a member of staff does leave or reports in sick we never have, nor will we ever use sub-contractors. We employ a significant number of supervisors who would either arrange a suitable replacement or complete the work themselves to the high standards to which our customers are accustomed. Our supervisors are constantly required to do spot checks, to ensure the highest standards of quality are consistently maintained.

What We Do

Atlanta Janitorial Service Cleanstar National, Inc. is the right place to call when you need quality office cleaning services for your business. Cleanstar National offers Commercial Cleaning services throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro area (More Info)

Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning is done skillfully and reliably by our professionals

Medical Facilities

Hygienic cleaning reduces the spread of germs and infectious diseases.
Post Construction Cleaning

Cleanstar offers post-construction cleaning and pre-construction cleaning services.

We Value Our Environment and Can Provide A Fully Green Clean Service

As a company, we are determined to reduce our carbon footprint, and to embrace our environmental responsibilities. We provide a 100 percent green solution to any company that asks for it. This means that all of the cleaning products and methods used are environmentally friendly and are certified green cleaning products. All our staff are trained in environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and products, so you can rest assured that if you want to choose this service it will be completed to our usual high standards. There will be no drop in the quality, no risk of the wrong products being used and as a company you will be safe in the knowledge that you are protecting the planet and saving its precious resources. Cleanstar International is a commercial cleaning company like no other. We are industry leaders because we have maintained the ethos and attitude of a small family business. No matter how much we grow our clients will always benefit from the personal touch Mr. Amedee provided our clients in 1996. As we continue to expand and grow, we will continue to make use of advances in cleaning technology, and to employ the best people for the job. We are reliable, efficient, and most of all flexible to your needs. All of our staff are determined to exceed expectations for our customers, and we strive daily to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. The majority of our new business comes from personal recommendation, a fact of which we are very proud. We are very competitively priced and would love to speak to you today about your business needs and requirements. We are more than happy to complete a site visit, in fact we actually prefer that, as this is the best way to properly assess each individual job. We look forward to impressing you with both the quality of our work and the excellence of our customer service.